Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Packing Off

It was midnight and all the shops were closed. I haven't eaten anything substantial today. Mostan's on the campus was closed. I looked into the fridge and found half eaten biryani from this Tuesday. I was hungry and ate the whole of it without realizing that it may have become a bio hazard in three days. I gulped down two aspirin tablets with a jug of water. I looked outside the window and observed that the entire city looked like a man sleeping with lights on. I packed my baggage neatly in two suitcases, put my Canon digital rebel inside the hand bag. Cleaned up my apartment without using vacuum cleaner and by the time I was done, it was already morning. After a long time, I had not been woken by charred dreams.

The day's plan was to take a cab and take a trip of the favorite places in the city of Calcutta one last time before I leave. All alone. The place which I called my home for the last twenty five years. I would eat at my favorite places, shop for a pair of shoes and head off to railway station. It will be a goodbye for good.